Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Nearly there!!

Nearly there!! Well the talking bit is nearly over and the walking bit is nearly there! I’ve had a pretty productive period since my last training blog including a mixture of walks, runs and cycling. I had a very pleasant surprise with a time much faster than what I expected in the Manx Harriers 5km walk, it’s a long time since I’ve had that sort of surprise, running wise for the last 20 years my times have been going in the opposite direction! The speed sessions that I have been doing on the NSC track must be paying off I now have my sights on a 10km on the 16th July which is just under a month after the Parish hopefully I’ll be recovered. I mentioned in my previous blog I had one more long walk planned, I covered the Parish route to Peel plus a couple of extra miles, I left my house at 6am and arrived at Peel Swimming Pool at 1.35pm averaging about 4.5mph. After the Sara Killey I paid more attention to my food and enjoyed a mixture of peanut butter + chocolate sandwiches and energy bars which worked well, however, my legs were pretty sore, hopefully that was due to the hard weeks training I had put in before the long walk. When I arrived at Peel Pool the reality hit me that I wasn’t even half way, so on the 20/21 June the mental battle is going to be key to whether I finish or not! So about 10 days to go not much more I can do now really just try and look after myself the best I can and avoid the temptations of TT Week, junk food and beer! The whole experience has been harder than what I envisaged going back to my decision to take part in the Parish last October I can honestly say I didn’t think the training and preparation would be as hard as it has been I just hope I can now finish it off by getting round the 85 miles next Saturday – fingers crossed. I’ll get one more blog in before the Parish and a final one after – happy training – G

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