Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Its been a postive experience!

My last blog, I’ve not blogged as much as I should have done, so sorry to Murray about that, hopefully the message I have got through my blogs is the positive experience I have had preparing and taking part in the Parish Walk and its definitely given me an appreciation for race walking and ultra-distance walking which the Parish must come under! Just touching on the day not the end result I wanted I must be honest, but on the day getting to Jurby was the best I could do and on reflection I’m happy enough and have learnt from the experience, and hopefully I can get round the full distance in a time I am happy with one day, I will definitely do it again but not until 2017 I am supporting my wife Karen next year who is giving it a go for the second time and in 2017 I may only go to Peel and aim to go further again in 2018 and beyond I have got the bug for the Parish Walk! The day was still really positive the support you get from your fellow competitors and spectators is amazing on par with the London Marathon and much better in some ways because you know so many people! I’ve said it before if you are thinking of taking part in the Parish Walk get signed up in January you won’t regret it. What about Richard Gerrard an amazing performance but I must say if you get round in 14.40 or 24 hours it’s a super human effort and everybody should be really proud of their performances. Also well done everybody – which ever Parish you got to a great effort. The good thing about sport is when things don’t quite work out there is always something else to go for the Lighthouse challenge is only a couple of weeks away and I’ll definitely continue walking ! I’ll sign off there whatever your targets or challenges you have set your yourself best of luck and good health.

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