Monday, 18 May 2015

Postive and Negatives

Well I’ll start with another apology, it’s been a few weeks since I last blogged. Quite a bit has happened – I’ll start with a positive yesterday’s Northern 10, great well organised event, flat route and came away with 1hour 36 minutes which I was happy with, and no major niggles (touch wood!). A negative was the Sara Killey 50km walk in late April, again a really well organised event, but personally I was a bit disappointed with my time, however, I did learn a fair bit in relation to nutrition and pace judgment! For the Parish don’t go off too fast and remember to eat, another positive though I did get a 30 mile walk under my belt. After the Sara Killey as planned I enjoyed two weeks of cycling training including taking part in the team triathlon and a 10 mile time trial which surprisingly went better than expected time wise, so maybe walking is the way forward training wise for future cycling events! I have also enjoyed a few descent runs of between 7 – 9miles, fingers crossed I can stay clear of injury and hopefully take part in a few running events after the Parish we’ll see! I have one last long walk planned, which I will do next week, hopefully the Parish route to Peel from my house will give me about 34/35 miles after that I will just tick over with walking and cycling up to the big day. I need to start thinking about help on the day and my nutrition a couple of people including my wife have volunteered to help so I just need to come up with a plan. During my long walk next week I am going to experiment with sandwiches peanut butter + jam, when I have taken part in endurance events previously I have got cravens for tuna and cheese so I’ll have those on standby during the Parish. Well I promise I’ll get a couple more blogs in before the Parish, if you are reading this and taking part I hope your preparation is going well. Happy training – G

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