Monday, 13 April 2015

Change of plans

In terms of keeping on top of the blog I’ve been slack so once again apologies! Training, fingers crossed has been ok since the Ascot Open last month, as always nursing a few niggles but generally going in the right direction. As with all best laid plans, due to a few things out of my control I could not walk in the 10km Champs and had hoped to run the Easter Festival 10km but had to miss that event also, this time not due to injury but taking Conor my step son away to cycling events, one in Manchester and the Scottish Youth Tour, obviously in Scotland! The event in Manchester was held in velodrome so I took the opportunity to have a go on the Watt bikes that the general public can use, I set myself the target of a 2 hour session at quite a tough tempo, after an hour I was really struggling, the temperature in the velodrome was pretty high and was over heating pretty seriously but I did manage to complete the two hours but it left me pretty knackered for the rest of the day which wasn’t helped by the long trip home not in distance just in time, the Heysham 2.15am sailing! This weekend I have my longest walk to date planned followed by the Sara Killey 50km walk the following weekend, so I’ll keep you updated on how those go. Traditionally on Grand National Day the wife and myself venture into town to watch the race and have a few drinks, this year was no exception but I had made a note that this would be my last drink (more than 4 pints on one go!) until after the Parish so hopefully I can keep to that! It’s getting closer folks but still enough time to make a difference to your performance both good and bad?! Happy training!

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