Monday, 9 March 2015

Liverpool and Beer !

Probably not the best subject to cover for a Parish Walk blog but before I touch on my training and the things I should be talking about, I thought I would mention my recent trip to Liverpool with my wife Karen to watch Liverpool beat Manchester City convincingly! Sometimes switching off from training and racing and re charging the batteries can be just as useful as a hard block of training if done at the right time and normally your body lets you know it needs a break. For me Liverpool is a great City, brilliant pubs, restaurants , shops and of course one great football team, sorry Everton supporters ! Karen and myself enjoyed a couple days away from everything, no training kit was picked and the diet was parked for a couple of days, once back home I was ready to resume training mode again feeling fresh and motivated! I took part as a walker for the first time in the Ascot Open, I have competed as a runner a few times winning the 10km run event in 2008 although not in a very fast time I must add. I enjoyed a pleasing performance breaking the hour for the first time and probably more importantly for me, relatively pain free both on the day and the day after. It was a privilege to share the start line with some top class walkers, and to witness their speed first hand was really something, Michael George + Richard Gerrard had really strong walks which all bodes well for their Parish performances. I must mention Kevin Loundes and his 10km run, circulating at 2.30mins per lap gave him a time of 31.27mins, a top class performance in the conditions, fingers crossed Kevin’s form continues as he prepares for the Island Games. I’ll be honest I’m a bit behind in my Parish preparations, in terms of specific walking training, during my injuries I’ve maintained my fitness with cycling + x training but I realise I need to increase my walking training, but in a way that I don’t over do it get injured again. Something else I have learnt over the years is not to be influenced by what you hear or see other people doing, stick to the plan and don’t be swayed to add a few more miles on or miss your rest day! I have just noticed on the fixtures a 10km event on the 29th March, which I would like to do and then the Fireman’s 50km on the 26th April, so plenty to aim for and we are getting closer to June!! Happy training everyone!

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